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North Dakota Landlord Tenant Law

North Dakota Landlord Tenant Law


A brief guide to North Dakota landlord-tenant laws

A rental or lease contract obliges both parties signing it to significant responsibilities, as well as affording both many legal protections. Regardless of whether you are renting property or a property owner, you should be aware of all your rights under North Dakota landlord-tenant law. Familiarity with all your legal rights will help you avoid being taken advantage.

When considering renting any property, North Dakota landlord-tenant laws gives you the right to inspect it meticulously. Take note of any repairs that must be made to plumbing, electrical wiring or any form of property damage. North Dakota landlord-tenant law allows you to stipulate that any necessary repairs must be conducted before you move in. Request that a landlord agree to any repairs in writing. If they refuse, do not enter into any contract with them. 

Any contract you sign should detail the length of your stay, how much you will pay in rent and both parties' responsibilities. Do not sign any contract which denies you your rights as defined by North Dakota landlord-tenant laws. For example, you cannot be made to pay for a property owner's legal expenses in the event of a legal dispute. 

Once you have moved into a property, North Dakota landlord-tenant law grants property owners the right to make sure you are maintaining safe and reasonably clean living conditions. However, they must schedule any such inspection in advance at a mutually agreeable time. Under North Dakota landlord-tenant laws, you are allowed to require any such appointment to be documented in writing. A landlord cannot simply appear and demand entrance without prior notice.

In the event of a dispute related to North Dakota landlord-tenant law, you may wish to pursue steps such as mediation. If guided discussion fails to resolve a dispute between you and a property owner, you may wish to go to civil court for compensation related to a violation of your contract. 

North Dakota landlord-tenant laws grant property owners the right to evict anyone who does not pay their rent on time, damages their property or otherwise violates the terms of their contract. However, they must follow all proper legal steps when taking this action. North Dakota landlord-tenant law requires a property owner to notify you in advance of their intent to take this step. If they change the lock on your door or otherwise you from property without advance notice, they are in violation of the law.

It is your responsibility to make sure you do not violate any North Dakota landlord-tenant laws while residing at rented property. Your contract should clearly detail what steps you must take if you cause damage to a property. By determining in advance what your liability is in such an event and what kind of repairs you are obligated to make, you can ensure that your rights and responsibilities under North Dakota landlord-tenant law are clearly defined. Failure to do so may result in legal complications at a later date.