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Home Inspection Checklist

Home Inspection Checklist

Using a Home Inspection List
When buying a house, a house inspection list can be extremely helpful in determining the property’s general condition. A house Inspection list can also help you estimate the future repair costs of the home, which can help you determine whether the house is good for you. Use this house inspection list to figure out if the house you are looking at is right for you.
Home Inspection List: Roof
Sagging ridges
Sagging between the rafters or trusses
Asphalt shingle deterioration (curling, broken edges, warping, slits, rounded corners)
Loose flashing
Rotten or delaminate wooden under last shingle row
Visible roof vents
House Inspection List: Chimney
Cracked or broken masonry cap
Flaking or missing bricks/mortar
Leaning chimney
Home Inspection List: Soffits & Fascia
Material of the soffit and fascia (plastic, aluminum, or wood)
Missing/loose sections
Paint problems or visible rot (if wooden)
House Inspection List: Gutters and Downspouts
Peeling paint or rust
Loose or sagging sections or leaks 
Home Inspection List: Wall Coverings
Missing mortar
Flaking or cracking bricks
Loose, rotten, or missing siding, or deteriorated paint
Siding shows the foundation or is old
Exterior walls bulged, bowed, or leaning
House Inspection List: Doors and Windows
Issues with paint or caulking, or rotted wood parts
Old or windows
Home Inspection List: Decks and Porches
Flaking or cracking masonry
Rotten wood, paint problems, or wood-earth contact.
Separation or settlement from the house.
Underside should be inspected if possible
House Inspection List: Foundation
Flaking, cracks, or damaged masonry
Water markings and efflorescence (chalky white substance)
Soft mortar
Bulging, bowing, or other irregularities

Home Inspection List: Lot 
Grade slope away
Any low or settled areas near the foundation
Cracked sidewalk or driveway
Property lower than neighboring properties or street
House Inspection List: Basement
Stains, efflorescence, mildew/odors, loose tiles or other water penetration
Home Inspection List: Floors
Cracked ceramics
Deteriorated coverings
Water staining or damage
House Inspection List: Walls
Nonworking doors/windows
Crooked walls
Loose or cracked plaster
Physical damage, stains, previous repair evidence.
Visible drywall nails or seams 

Home Inspection List: Ceilings
Plaster cracks or sagging/loose plaster
Stains or evidence of previous repair.
Visible Seams or nails
House Inspection List: Kitchen and Bathroom
Unsecure fixtures
Fixture cracks
Poor condition of tiles and caulking shower area
Broken/leaking faucets
Faucets with low water pressure
Rot or staining under counter-tops
Broken cabinets or drawers