North Carolina Tenant Rights

North Carolina Tenant Rights

North Carolina Tenant Rights
General NC Tenant Rights under State Statutes 
North Carolina Tenant Rights
There are numerous NC Tenant Rights under the state’s General Assembly, and several important laws are discussed throughout this article.  For more information on a complete listed of landlord/tenant rights, visit the website listed below
NC Tenant Rights in Chapter 42-42 Landlord to provide fit premises
This statute is one of the most important laws under North Carolina tenant rights.  The landlord has specific durations of time to fix specific problems within a rental unit according to NC Tenant Rights, and some of these rights are listed below: 
the landlord must comply with updated housing code and make repairs whenever possible to keep the property in habitable condition 
keep all common areas clean and safe 
maintain all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, hearing, ventilating, air conditioning, and more
provide updated smoke detectors and make repairs within 15 days if there is faulty equipment
provide notice if drinking water is bad 
provide an operable carbon monoxide detector 
immediately repair any dangerous conditions listed in part 8 of Chapter 42-42 under North Carolina tenant rights
NC Tenant Rights in Chapter 42-52 Landlord’s obligations
The NC Tenant Rights listed under this subsection address what a landlord needs to do with a security deposit after the termination of tenancy.  According to this statute, a landlord shall create an itemized list of any damage and deliver the list along with any remaining balance no more than 30 days.  
If the extent of the report cannot be completed in 30 days, the landlord must notify the tenant that the damages are being accounted for and the list will be delivered no more than 60 days after the termination of tenancy.  
Additionally, North Carolina tenant rights specify that a landlord must hold a security deposit for 6 months if the tenant’s contact information is unknown.  Any damages deducted from the security deposit cannot represent normal wear and tear damages.  
NC Tenant Rights in Chapter 42-42.3
The North Carolina tenant rights within this section lay out procedures for changing locks for the tenant’s own protection.  Section (a) of this statute indicates that if a landlord receives oral or written notice that a tenant is in danger of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking, the owner of the property must change the locks in 48 hours.  
Part (b) of these North Carolina tenant rights specify that if a perpetrator of the domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking is a tenant within the same unit as the tenant who made the complaint, the following conditions will apply: 
the tenant who came forward must provide the landlord with a document issued by the court to keep the other tenant away from the property, and the landlord will have to change the locks in 72 hours
if the landlord receives proper notice, the landlord has no duty to let the perpetrator on the property and is not responsible for any damage to their personal property 
the perpetrator will remain liable for damages and rent 
The tenant will be responsible for the fee associated with changing the locks unless the landlord has no made proper changes in the right amount of time.  




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