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Nevada Tenant Rights

Nevada Tenant Rights


Quick Guide to NV Tenant Rights

Sources for Nevada Tenant Rights

There are two public resources that provide valuable information about some of the most important Nevada tenant rights: the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the state’s revised statutes.  The majority of information about NV tenant rights in this article is referenced in the revised statutes, but you can find more information about another Nevada tenant right under HUD at the following link

Nevada Tenant Right for Landlord’s Maintenance

Nevada tenant rights for maintenance from the landlord are provided under NRS 1118A.290.  This section of law on a specific Nevada tenant right states a landlord is responsible for all of the following: 

1. Maintaining habitable condition of apartment to meet health and safety codes, which constitutes the following according to NV tenant rights: 

• effective waterproofing and weather protection

• all plumbing facilities 

• supplying hot and cold running water with fixtures and a connected sewage disposal

2. Provide working heating and ventilating facilities in accordance with Nevada tenant rights and law

3. Provide electrical lighting, outlets, wiring, and associated facilities 

4. Provide the Nevada tenant right for clean and sanitary premises at the beginning and throughout the tenancy 

5. Maintain all floors, walls, ceilings, stairways, railings, and other structures under state law and NV tenant rights

Nevada Tenant Right in Landlord’s Access to Premises

NRS 118A.330 provides the basic Nevada tenant right against unlawful access from the landlord.  According to this section of law, there is no Nevada tenant right that restricts the landlord from making inspections, making necessary repairs or improvements, supplying agreed services, or showing the premises to future tenants or buyers.  

A landlord must respect Nevada tenant rights and give the tenant at least 24 hours notice before entering the premises unless in the case of an emergency.  Additionally, the landlord must respect NV tenant rights and only enter the premises during business hours. 

Nevada Tenant Right for Security Deposits

NRS 118A.242 provides comprehensive rules and Nevada tenant rights for security deposits.  According to this section of law, a landlord cannot abuse NV tenant rights and demand or receive a security or surety bond whose value exceeds 3 months’ periodic rent.  Once a tenancy is terminated, a landlord must provide the tenant with an itemized list of deductions (if applicable) within 30 days to the tenant’s last known address according to NV tenant rights.  

Additionally, if a landlord refuses to provide the remainder of the security deposit, the tenant may receive the amount of the entire deposit and another sum determined by the court according to Nevada tenant rights.  

NV Tenant Rights against Unlawful Exclusion

NRS 118A.390 states a landlord is in direct violation of a Nevada tenant right if they willingly block or attempt to block the tenant’s entry.  If these Nevada tenant rights are violated, a tenant may terminate the lease immediately.  Additionally, a Nevada tenant right allows the court to request up to $2,500 for damages from the landlord in such a case.  

If these NV tenant rights are violated, a verified complaint for expedited relief must be filed with the court within 5 days after the unlawful action.