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Nebraska Landlord Tenant Law

Nebraska Landlord Tenant Law


Quick Guide to NE Landlord/Tenant Law 

Nebraska Landlord/Tenant Laws

There are two public resources that provide valuable information about some of the most important sections of Nebraska landlord/tenant law: the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the state’s revised statutes.  The majority of information about Nebraska landlord/tenant law in this article is referenced from the revised statutes, but you can find more information under HUD at the following link

Obligations of Landlord under Nebraska Landlord/Tenant Laws

NE landlord/tenant law give specific responsibilities to the landlord under NRS 76-1419.  This section of Nebraska landlord/tenant law states a landlord is responsible for all of the following: 

• comply with all local NE landlord/tenant law that addresses housing, health, and safety codes

• make all repairs and do whatever is necessary to keep the premises in habitable condition

• keep all the common areas in clean and safe condition

• maintain all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and other appliances in safe working condition required by Nebraska landlord/tenant laws

• provide and maintain receptacles for removal of ashes, garbage, rubbish, and other waste as required by local Nebraska landlord/tenant laws

• supply running water and reasonable amounts of hot water, as well as heat unless local Nebraska landlord/tenant law makes providing heat the tenant’s responsibility

NE landlord/tenant law allows the landlord and tenant to change responsibilities within the lease.  However, any changes within a lease and shifted responsibilities must still meet other sections of Nebraska landlord/tenant law.  

Responsibilities of Tenant under Nebraska Landlord/Tenant Laws

A tenant must usually perform the following responsibilities under Nebraska landlord/tenant laws: 

• comply within all obligations set by local ordinances and NE landlord/tenant law addressing building, housing, health, and safety codes

• keep their part of the premises clean and safe as much as the property permits, and this Nebraska landlord/tenant law does not apply to normal wear and tear

• dispose of all ashes, rubbish, garbage, and other waste in clean and safe manner

• keep all plumbing fixtures clean and in the condition local NE landlord/tenant law permits

• use all utilities correctly

• keep from deliberately damaging or destroying property

• conduct themselves to allow neighbors’ peaceful enjoyment as allowed by Nebraska landlord/tenant law

• comply will all Nebraska landlord/tenant laws in a certain type of housing agreement or association

§76-1416 Nebraska Landlord/Tenant Laws on Security Deposits

This NE landlord/tenant law states that a landlord cannot charge more than one month of rent for a security deposit unless there is a pet.  After the termination of tenancy, this Nebraska landlord/tenant law states a landlord must send an itemized list of damages and deductions within 14 days of obtaining the former tenant’s forwarding address.  

§76-1439 Prohibited Evictions and Retaliation under NE Landlord/Tenant Law

According to this section of Nebraska landlord/tenant law, a landlord cannot evict a tenant because they have brought legal action against the landlord, the tenant has become part of a tenants’ union, or a tenant has complained to a government against about building and housing codes.  

Under Nebraska landlord/tenant laws, a landlord can only evict a tenant if they default in rent, the violate housing or building codes, or directly cause damage to the premises.