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Quit Claim Deeds in Minnesota

Quit Claim Deeds in Minnesota

Guide to Quit Claim Deeds in Minnesota

If you want to transfer most types of goods or services, a receipt is all that's needed.  When you transfer a piece of real estate, though—even as a gift—a proper legal deed must be written and recorded.  Deeds let the government know who owns each piece of property so that an owner can be found if there is a problem with the property, and correctly recording a deed is necessary for the sale to be legal.  This guide will tell you about a specific kind of deed and why you might need one.  A quit claim deed Minnesota is a kind of deed used to transfer property between two people who are very close.

What is a Quit Claim Deed?

Most types of deeds imply some sort of warranty or guarantee about the property—even if the only guarantee is that the person selling the property is the bona fide owner and has the legal authority to sell it.  However, a quit claim deed Minnesota makes no warranties or guarantees at all.  This means that the person selling or giving away the property may or may not actually own any interest in the property at all.

The only thing a quit claim deed Minnesota does is allows the grantor (the person selling/giving away the property to “quit”—give up all rights to—his or her claim on the property.  It makes no assertion as to whether that claim is valid, or whether the title is clear.  Because of this, it would generally be foolish to use a quit claim deed Minnesota to transfer property between two strangers or if you had any doubt whatsoever to the legitimacy of the person's claim.

Why Should I Use a Quit Claim Deed?

One of the biggest reasons to use a quit claim deed Minnesota is that they are so easy they can generally be written and recorded with only the assistance of a notary to verify the signatures.  No lawyer is usually needed for this kind of deed, so you can do the entire process quickly and cheaply.

Another reason you may want to use a quit claim deed is when you are transferring to someone close to you, but do not want to continue being legally responsible for any problems with the property or title.  The quit claim deed Minnesota transfers your interest in the property as is, and frees you from potential legal liability for the property unless the deed was improperly written or fraudulent.

How Do I Record a Quit Claim Deed?

The process for recording a quit claim deed Minnesota is not too complicated.  Generally, you will take the completed, notarized deed form to your county recorder's office.  You will need to pay a low fee for the recording of the deed, and you will be able to see the recorder's office stamp the deed with a book and page number.  This allows you to look the deed up at any time.

You should keep a photocopy of your notarized quit claim deed, with book and page numbers from the recorder's office, for your own records.  If you ever need to use the quit claim deed in a legal matter, this will ensure that you can find it quickly and easily.