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Louisiana Tenant Rights

Louisiana Tenant Rights


A brief guide to Louisiana tenant rights

Before you rent or lease any property, you must be aware of all the protections afforded to you by the law. Many regulations detail every Louisiana tenant right you are entitled to. However, if you are not aware of them, you may be taken advantage of. 

To make sure all of your Louisiana tenant rights are respected, begin the rental process with a close inspection of any property you are thinking of moving into. Examine the wiring and plumbing, make sure there is no significant property damage and otherwise ensure that the space meets a reasonable standard of livability. You have the Louisiana tenant right to have a landlord perform any necessary repairs before moving in. Do not sign a rental contract with any landlord who refuses to document agreed-upon repairs in writing.

Louisiana tenant rights allow you to draft as specific a contract as you feel is necessary. This document should detail your rental rate, what repairs a landlord is obligated to make in case of damage caused to a property that is not your responsibility, and anything else you feel is important to note. Being as specific as possible about the terms of your lease will help ensure every Louisiana tenant right is respected.

A landlord cannot force you to sign a document which is in violation of the law. For example, your Louisiana tenant rights are being violated if a contract states that you must pay a landlord's legal fees in the event of a dispute. If you do not trust a landlord or they give indications that they are unethical, do not rent from them.

Once you have moved in, a landlord is permitted to perform inspections to ensure that you are maintaining reasonable standards of cleanliness and not damaged any part of the property. However, they must respect your Louisiana tenant right to be informed in advance of any such inspection. A landlord cannot simply show up without prior announcement. Louisiana tenant rights grant you the authority to request that an inspection be conducted at a previously-agreed-to time. You may ask a landlord to confirm your appointment in writing.

Louisiana tenant rights come with certain responsibilities, such as paying your rent in full in a timely fashion. If you are in any kind of dispute with your landlord, your contract may detail steps which should be taken in such an event, such as mediation. Should such actions fail to resolve your dispute, a landlord must respect your Louisiana tenant right to be informed in advance of their intent to pursue eviction. You must be informed in writing of such intent. It is a violation of your Louisiana tenant rights if a landlord simply changes the locks.

If your contract has been violated, you may wish to go to civil court to obtain compensation. Litigation related to a violation of a Louisiana tenant right may be pursued with or without assistance from a lawyer.