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West Virginia Landlord Tenant Law

West Virginia Landlord Tenant Law


Quick Guide to WV Landlord/Tenant Law 

Sources for West Virginia Landlord/Tenant Law

There are two public resources that provide valuable information about some of the most important West Virginia landlord/tenant laws: the Huntington Human Relations Commission and the state’s revised code.  A large amount of information about a specific West Virginia landlord/tenant laws in this article is referenced from the revised code, but you can find more information about other WV landlord/tenant law at the following link under the HHRC: 

Landlord’s Maintenance under West Virginia Landlord/Tenant Law

West Virginia landlord/tenant laws for maintenance from the landlord are provided under §37-6-30.  This particular section of West Virginia landlord/tenant law states a landlord is responsible for all of the following: 

• render and deliver the unit and surrounding premises in fit and habitable condition while providing maintenance when needed according to other WV landlord/tenant law

• maintain the property to meet all requirements under West Virginia landlord/tenant law as well as applicable health, fire, and housing codes

• keep all common areas within multiple housing units clean, safe, and in repair 

• make all repairs as necessary to the WV landlord/tenant law unless the damages were a direct result of the tenants negligence or direct fault 

• maintain and keep all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, and other appliances safe (including elevators)

• provide and maintain all trash receptacles for ashes, garbage, rubbish, and other trash 

• provide running water, reasonable amounts of hot water, and reasonable amounts of heat between October and the last day of April unless a lease in accordance with West Virginia landlord/tenant laws provides the renter must provide such services

Tenant’s Responsibilities under West Virginia Landlord/Tenant Law

There are no specific West Virginia landlord/tenant laws that address certain tenant responsibilities.  A tenant must regard all factors established within a lease according to WV landlord/tenant law, and generally, a tenant is responsible for the following: 

• comply with all state and local housing codes under West Virginia landlord/tenant law that affect health and safety 

• keep the premises as clean and safe as the property allows, and return the premises to the landlord in the same condition as when the tenant moved except for normal wear and tear according to WV landlord/tenant law

• dispose of all trash in a clean and safe manner

• keep plumbing fixtures clean and in working condition 

• use all utilities correctly

• keep from deliberately destroying or allowing anyone else to destroy property

• keep from disturbing neighbors’ peace and sounds laws according to local West Virginia landlord/tenant law

There are other duties as far as rent under West Virginia landlord/tenant laws, and these requirements are located in the state’s revised code.  

Termination of Tenancy in Regard to West Virginia Landlord/Tenant Laws

According to §37-6-5 of the WV landlord/tenant law, either party must give a notice of termination three months before the end of a year-long lease.  This West Virginia landlord/tenant law does not apply in certain situations though.  

For more information on WV landlord/tenant law, visit the article on this website titled, “Quick Guide to WV Tenant Rights.”   You will find information about West Virginia landlord/tenant laws on security deposits, unlawful entrance, and more.