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Missouri Tenant Rights

Missouri Tenant Rights

MO tenant’s rights

There are a number of general obligations that the landlord has to a tenant, generally involving the safety and security of a property, as well as its working order and adherence to the renter’s agreement.  Most MO tenant’s rights are not asserted by the law but provide the grounds to pursue civil litigation against employers that neglect the property or otherwise violate the tenant’s agreement.  Working with a free consultation from a MO tenant’s rights attorney will help you to determine the strength and relevance of a case and your ability to prove that you were not aware of unfavorable terms in the lease or other documents.

What are the Missouri tenant’s rights before one moves in?

You are protected from housing discrimination, meaning that you cannot be barred from living in a property due to race, age, gender, ethnicity, religion or national origin.  Any and all complaints made about housing discrimination can be handles by the local prosecutor depending on the location and severity of the case.  There are fines and other penalties for housing discrimination as well.

Leases, other agreements and MO tenant’s rights

Both you and the landlord are obligated to hold up the terms of the lease in order for there for be MO tenant’s rights.  The failure to do so will lead to the termination of the agreement, end of Missouri tenant rights and the possible eviction from the property.  Regardless of the issue with the landlord, the tenant should continue to meet all obligations, including paying rent, so as not to give the landlord reason to terminate the rental agreement and maintain their Missouri tenant rights.

You may agree to a month-to-month lease, but be advised that this can be terminated with only 30 days’ notice by either party under Missouri tenant rights.

Security deposits and MO tenant’s rights

The landlord has the right to collect a security deposit when the tenant moves in.  Under Missouri tenant’s rights, that deposit can be no more than two months’ rent and if there are no damages to the property, that amount is returned in full.  No rent paid by the tenant can be added or deducted from the security deposit.  Under Missouri tenant’s rights, the tenant has the right to have a reasonable estimate of damages to the property that will be deducted from the security deposit.

Missouri tenant’s rights and access by landlord to property

Under Missouri tenant’s rights, the tenant has the right to restrict the access of the landlord to the property.  This means that there cannot be unfettered access, especially for harassment.  The landlord does have the Missouri tenant rights to inspect the property and would have to give two days’ notice before entering the property.  Under MO tenant’s rights, the landlord may show the property to prospective renters, make repairs and inspect the property.

Does the landlord have the ability to shutoff utilities under MO tenant’s rights?

The landlord will not, under any circumstances, shut off utilities while a tenant lives there.  Missouri tenant’s rights give protection against retaliation by landlords and offers civil remedies against the landlord for such behavior.  The landlord is obligated under Missouri tenant’s rights to provide hot water, adequate heating and electricity unless otherwise noted.

Failing to meet the obligation to the Missouri tenant rights for utilities, the tenants may take legal action or file a complaint with the applicable authority.  This will ensure that the property is safe and habitable.

Too keep one’s Missouri tenant rights, they must continue to pay rent, regardless of the disputes and other issues that might arise under Missouri tenant rights.