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Indiana Tenant Rights

Indiana Tenant Rights


Where are the Indiana tenant rights located in the Indiana Code?

The Indiana tenant rights are found at Indiana Code 32-31, titled LANLORD-TENANT RELATIONS.  The subsequent sections will detail the obligations of tenants and landlords, conditions of a lease and a number of important definitions applicable to Indiana tenant rights and responsibility.

How do I establish tenancy in a property to be eligible for most IN tenant rights?

According to Indiana tenant rights, you will establish tenancy with a one month notice in writing, from the property owner to you.  There is no landlord-tenant arrangement without this notice and there must be an express (written) contract between you and the landlord to construe any legal relationship, such as tenancy.  There are additional conditions to establish monthly and yearly tenancy, all involving written notices to construe an Indiana tenant right.

Is there a standard form for tenancy under IN tenant rights?

The Indiana Code notes that you must not only be given proper notice, but at the very least, you, with Indiana tenant right, should receive notice according to the following form when one’s tenancy is from year to year:

(insert date here)

To (insert name of tenant here):

    You are notified to vacate at the expiration of the current year of tenancy the following property: 

(insert description of property here).

(insert name of landlord here)

What are my IN tenant rights if I refuse to pay rent?

Regardless of your reason or Indiana tenant right for refusing to pay rent, the IN tenant rights allows the landlord to terminate your lease with at least ten days’ notice.  You have the Indiana tenant right to either have to reach an agreement to pay the rent or pay the rent in full before the end of the notice period.  The termination notice is similar to a typical termination upon the end of a lease notice, except it will mention the ten day period within the notice to vacate under IN tenant rights.

Do I have the Indiana tenant right to refuse to abide by the terms of the contract I sign with the landlord and is this covered by Indiana tenant rights?

According to Indiana tenant rights, as long as the agreement is legal, you will follow the provisions or risk breaking the lease agreement.  There are even a few instances where the landlord can terminate the lease without notice, including failing to pay advance rent when agreeing to do so, the time for determination of tenancy is not the contract or the landlord has already agreed with the tenant to rent the space for a certain period of time.  The Indiana tenant rights won’t apply to you if there is no legal landlord-tenant relationship, as defined by contract or agreement and you will not have the Indiana tenant right to action against a landlord.

Under IN tenant rights, can the landlord serve notice to someone other than the person that has signed the lease?

According to Indiana Code 32-31-1-9 , which defines Indiana tenant right, if the tenant cannot be found, then any resident on the premises can be served the notice.  The landlord will have to explain the content and nature of the notice accordingly according to the Indiana tenant right applied to the tenant and eviction.  If no one can be found, the landlord is allowed, under IN tenant rights to attach the served notice to the property, conspicuously, in accordance with Indiana tenant rights.