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Oklahoma Tenant Rights

Oklahoma Tenant Rights


Guide to Oklahoma Tenant Rights

If you are a tenant in Oklahoma, you need to know your OK tenant rights.  Oklahoma tenant rights protect all renters in the state from unsafe dwellings and unethical landlords.  This guide will explain some of the basics of OK tenant rights so that you can understand if your rights have been violated.  For more information on Oklahoma tenant rights, or to get legal advice about a specific situation with a landlord, you may want to consult with an Oklahoma landlord tenant attorney.


All rental units are required by OK tenant rights to be habitable and in good repair.  This means that in order to meet with Oklahoma tenant rights requirements, your home must have safe hot and cold running water, functional heating, plumbing, and sanitary systems, and electricity.  All appliances must be in good working condition according to OK tenant rights.  Your landlord is also required to keep your dwelling's doors and windows functional and ensure that it is free from pests or other nuisances that disturb your ability to live in your apartment or house.

If your landlord will not make a needed repair and you have given written notice of the need for the repair, you may be allowed under Oklahoma tenant rights to have the repair done yourself, and deduct the costs from your rent.  You are also allowed by OK tenant rights to terminate your tenancy, regardless of your lease agreement, if your landlord refuses to provide a habitable dwelling.

Quiet Enjoyment

According to Oklahoma tenant rights, your landlord must permit you to have “quiet enjoyment” of your dwelling.  This means that your landlord is not allowed to intimidate or harass you, or to enter your apartment without notice or for no reason.  The only reason your landlord is allowed to enter a tenant's dwelling is to make needed repairs or perform an inspection of the premises, and in both cases, you must be given notice.

If an emergency repair is needed, the notice provisions of OK tenant rights no longer apply, and your landlord may immediately enter your unit to prevent damage or danger to human life.


Housing discrimination is prohibited by Oklahoma tenant rights.  A landlord may not refuse to rent to you, charge you a higher rent amount, or put more restrictions on your lease due to your sex, religion, national origin, ethnicity, race, or disability.  Housing discrimination is a serious issue, and you may want to talk to a landlord tenant attorney if your OK tenant rights to non-discrimination in housing are being violated.


Oklahoma tenant rights do not allow landlords to perform “self help” evictions.  Shutting down your utilities, changing your locks, or removing your belongings from your dwelling are violations of your OK tenant rights and are not remedies that are permitted for your landlord for any reason, even non-payment of rent.  If your landlord wishes to evict you, he or she must go through the legal eviction process in court.