Arizona Landlord Tenant Law

Arizona Landlord Tenant Law

Arizona Landlord Tenant Law
Most Arizona landlord tenant law deals with the obligations between the landlord and tenants, particularly involving the payment of rent and maintenance of property.  There are a number of provisions that would allow either side to file for litigation or take actions against other party.  All provisions of Arizona landlord tenant law are not absolute and can be modified by a number of factors.  Also, note that temporary lodging, many mobile homes, public housing and properties rented on contract are all not covered by Arizona landlord tenant law and will usually be more pertinent to commercial law, for matters not involving private residences and public housing.
Where can I find the proper forms to deal with most Arizona landlord tenant law issues?
The Arizona Tenants’ Rights and Responsibilities Handbook provides a selection of forms that can be used to provide requests for repairs to property, notice for utility shutoff, notice to vacate property and a number of other abuses, charges and unlawful procedure on the part of the landlord.
Arizona landlord tenant law prior to signing the lease
The landlord may not discriminate against the tenant in anyway when evaluating their suitability to rent that property.  This includes but is not limited to discrimination based on race, gender, family status, religion and disability.  Arizona landlord tenant law provides methods to file complaints for housing discrimination and other similar issues.  Note that discrimination can also include forcing tenants to abide by different rules or pay higher rent based on discriminating factors.  The Arizona AG or local City Attorney will prosecute housing discrimination complaints.
The tenant is obligated to understand all rules and conditions associated with renting the property, including but not limited to rules on parking, pets, reasonable use of utilities and other rules about the facility.  Failing to understand these obligations and rules will be enough to have you evicted for egregious violations.
Security deposits under Arizona landlord tenant law
According to Arizona landlord tenant law, a landlord cannot demand a security deposit that is more than 1.5 times the monthly rent.  This deposit is also refunded when the tenant moves out of the property.  Security deposits are made before the rental agreement has been signed and may not be collected afterward.  If for any reason the deposit is nonrefundable, Arizona landlord tenant law states that the purpose of the deposit must be included in the lease.  All security deposits should come with a receipt that the tenant will keep to have it refunded or accounted for.
Damages to the property
The tenant is obligated to keep the rental unit or property safe and clean.  They are also fully responsible for damage done, unless otherwise noted.  The Arizona landlord tenant law allows for the landlord to deduct from the security deposit in order to pay for the cost of repairs to the property.  The landlord has the right to inspect the property, but generally will have to give 48 hours’ notice.  Arizona landlord tenant law does not give the landlord unfettered access to the property when it is being rented.
AZ landlord tenant law contains a number of conventional obligations that tenants and landlords will have in their interactions with each other.  AZ landlord tenant law also notes procedure to get redress for infractions of Arizona landlord tenant laws, including rental properties not intended to be permanent residences.  Though this does apply to public housing, there are a number of other obligations under AZ landlord tenant law that are applicable to a number of properties, including most apartments and vacation property.
What is the best resource on AZ landlord tenant law
Both landlords and tenants can use the Arizona Tenants’ Rights and Responsibilities to have AZ landlord tenant law explained in detail and find some forms necessary when dealing with any rental or similar arrangement.  Find sample forms here to provide proper notice for repairs, utility shutoff and other matters of note to AZ landlord tenant law.
Protections for prospective tenants under Arizona landlord tenant laws
Prospective tenants are protected from discrimination and under AZ landlord tenant law and other legal protections.  This means that they cannot be barred from renting a property due to race, religion, ethnicity or national origin.  The landlord cannot enforce arbitrary provisions on a tenant of provide different sets of rules for tenants based on discriminatory factors.  The presence of these factors will be grounds to file a lawsuit for housing discrimination, which will obligate the landlord to pay damages under AZ landlord tenant law.
Obligations of the tenant
The tenant has a few obligations under AZ landlord tenant law and they must meet these obligations to avoid giving the landlord grounds to evict.  The tenant must pay rent according to the rental agreement and the failure to pay rent will allow the landlord to give notice to evict.  The tenant must follow all reasonable rules set on the property, under Arizona landlord tenant laws.  this includes restrictions on parking, use of facility, pets and utilities.  Illegal provisions can also be challenged under AZ landlord tenant law.
Security deposits under AZ landlord tenant law.
The landlord has the right under AZ landlord tenant law to demand a security deposit no more than 1.5 the monthly rent to cover the cost of potential damages.  Damages to the property will be deducted from that deposit for damages.  This deposit is entirely refundable and the balance has to be returned to the tenant upon vacating the property and the end of the lease or renter agreement. The security deposit is not to be used for any purpose other than new damage to the property which the tenant is directly responsible.
Right to inspect the property
Arizona landlord tenant laws grant the landlord the right to enter the property to inspect for damages, make repairs or otherwise abide by the terms of the rental agreement.  This is not an absolute right under Arizona landlord tenant laws.  Arizona landlord tenant laws state that proper notice must be provided and that the tenant has to make reasonable accommodation to allow the landlord their right to inspect the property under Arizona landlord tenant laws.




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